2024 Kubota College Baseball Series - Weekend 3

Texas A&M Baseball Star Jace LaViolette Could Go No.1 in The MLB Draft 2025

Texas A&M Baseball Star Jace LaViolette Could Go No.1 in The MLB Draft 2025

One of the top MLB Draft prospects in the college baseball is Jace LaViolette, who is in the running to be the No. 1 player taken in the 2025 MLB Draft

Mar 1, 2024 by Joe Harrington

Texas A&M Baseball star Jace LaViolette is 6-foot-6 and 230 pounds and hit 21 home runs in 2023 as a true freshman. 

And his sophomore season is about to see his first true test when he arrives at the Kubota College Baseball Series Weekend 3 on March 1 at Globe Life Field. 

He's got a lot riding on his sophomore season. 

The Texas A&M outfielder was a freshman All-American and hit .287 and set the single-season home run record for an Aggie freshman. 

A strong commitment out of high school, he hit .591 with 53 RBI and 11 home runs and 12 triples his senior season at Tompkins High School outside Katy, Texas (a Houston suburb). His freshman season has helped make LaViolette become one of the top draft prospects in the 2025 draft where he he's competing with Clemson star outfielder Cam Cannarella and high school prospect Ethan Holliday for the No. 1 pick. 

Cannarella slashed .388/.462/.560  for the Tigers and hit seven home runs while stealing seven bases. Meanwhile Ethan Holliday is less like his brother Jackson Holliday, who went No. 1 overall in 2022 to the Baltimore Orioles, more like his dad, former All-Star Matt Holliday. 

Here's a few things to know about Jace LaViolette and the 2025 MLB Draft. 

Is Jace LaViolette Another Aaron Judge?

The comparison is natural. 

The New York Yankees superstar Aaron Judge, a five-time All-Star and MVP and former Rookie of the Year.Judge is 6-foot-7 and 282 pounds and plays right field, though the plan for 2024 is for Judge to play center field. 

Not quite as heavy as Judge, though he was only 20 pounds heavier at Fresno State, LaViolette will likely see a lot of the same questions Judge faced when he was drafted. In 2013, Judge was viewed as a massive gamble because of his massive body. There was little precedent for an outfielder that big. First base? Sure. 

Judge ranked as the No. 24 prospect despite being a two-time All-WAC player and standing out at the Cape Cod League. He fell into the Yankees' lap. 

If LaViolette does go No. 1, he may have to thank Judge for paving the way for a tall outfielder proving it can be done. That said, it won't be a surprise of LaViolette does make the move to first base before he plays in the majors.

MLB Draft Eligibility Rules

LaViolette would probably be a top-10 prospect in this year's class if he was eligible. Here's what to know about that: 

Players who play college baseball instead of signing going pro out of high school aren't eligible for the MLB Draft until after their junior year or after their 21st birthday, whichever comes first. 

Was Jace LaViolette Drafted In 2022 MLB Draft?


Despite being the No. 113-ranked player in his high school class at Perfect Game, LaViolette was not drafted in the MLB Draft. Baseball America had him as the No. 222-ranked prospect in that class. He sent a message to Major League teams before the July draft in 2022 that he was a strong commitment to Texas A&M and wasn't interested in forgoing college baseball. 

Who Are The Top Prospects In The 2025 MLB Draft

That decision is paying off. LaViolette is very likely to go in the top 10 of next year's draft. If his 2024 season continues to go the way it has in his first eight games (.433/1.681/.950, 2 HR) he could make a case for No. 1. Here are the top 10 players he's competing with according to Baseball America: 

  • Ethan Holliday, SS, High School
  • Cam Cannarella, OF, Clemson
  • Caden Bodine, C, Coastal Carolina
  • Brady Ebel, SS, High School
  • Cory James, SS, High School
  • Ethan Petry, OF, South Carolina
  • Devin Taylor, OF, Indiana
  • Dean Moss, OF, High School
  • Seth Hernandez, RHP, High School
  • Chase Shores, RHP, LSU

How To Stream Texas A&M At The Kubota College Baseball Series Weekend 3

All games included at the College Baseball Showdown, which was done over three weekends at the Shriners Children's College Baseball Showdown and the Kubota College Baseball Series Weekend 2 and wrapping this weekend are streaming on FloBaseball and the FloSports app.

Replays of every game, highlights and breaking news will be on both platforms. 

When Is The Kubota College Baseball Series Weekend 3

The final week begins on March 1 and ends March 3 with a pair of games each day. 

Kubota College Baseball Series Weekend 3 Schedule

Here is the schedule this week. All times are EST: 

Friday March 1 

  • 3 p.m. USC vs. TCU
  • 7 p.m. Arizona State vs. Texas A&M

Saturday, March 2

  • 3 p.m. Texas A&M bs. USC
  • 7p.m. TCU vs. Arizona State

Sunday, March 3

  • 12 p.m. Arizona State vs. Texas A&M
  •  4 p.m. USC vs. TCU

College Baseball Scores From The College Baseball Showdown

Here's who has won so far at the College Baseball Showdown: 

Shriners Children's College Baseball Showdown Scores

  • Nebraska 4, Baylor 1
  • Oregon 4, Oklahoma 2
  • Tennessee Baseball 6, Texas Tech 2
  • Oregon 7, Baylor 4
  • Texas Tech 6, Nebraska 3
  • Oklahoma 5, Tennessee 1 (10 innings)
  • Oklahoma 7, Nebraska 6
  • Texas Tech 11, Oregon 7
  • Tennessee Baseball 11, Baylor 5

Kubota College Baseball Series Weekend 2 Scores

  • Oklahoma State 9, Michigan 3
  • Arkansas 5, Oregon State 4
  • Oregon State 11, Michigan 1 (7 innings)
  • Oklahoma State 2, Arkansas 1
  • Arkansas 2, Michigan 1
  • Oregon State 8, Oklahoma State 1

What College Baseball Tournaments Are Streaming On FloBaseball?

These tournaments will stream on FloBaseball and the FloSports app in February and March:

Watch College Baseball Today And All Season Long On FloBaseball

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When Is The 2024 MLB Draft?

The actual time and date of the MLB Draft hasn't been announced, but it will take place during 2024 MLB All-Star Week. MLB All-Star festivities kick off on Sunday, July 14, with the main event taking place on Tuesday, July 16.

In 2023, the draft began All-Star week on the Sunday before Tuesday's game between the National League and American League. 

The draft began at 2 p.m. EST in 2023. 

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