FloBaseball Composite Top 25 Rankings

Oklahoma Continues To Impress (Almost) Everyone

The FloBaseball Composite Top 25 is just that — a composite of the myriad baseball rankings made available by the good folks at places like D1Baseball, Perfect Game and Baseball America, to name just a few. 

Our hope is that we may play a small role in solving the age-old conundrum facing SIDs, writers and talking heads everywhere: Which one of these should I use?

We know you're just picking the best number to support your team/narrative, and if you want to continue to do that, more power to you! But if you prefer the most objective number you can possibly get access to, ladies and gentlemen, this is it.

  1. Florida
  2. Texas Tech
  3. Georgia
  4. UCLA
  5. Louisville
  6. Vanderbilt
  7. Miami
  8. Arizona State
  9. Ole Miss
  10. Duke
  11. Mississippi State
  12. UCF
  13. NC State
  14. Oklahoma
  15. Arkansas
  16. Auburn
  17. Florida State
  18. Long Beach State
  19. LSU
  20. Virginia
  21. Pepperdine
  22. Texas A&M
  23. Tennessee
  24. East Carolina
  25. Dallas Baptist & Clemson (tie)

Biggest Rise: With only incremental movement across the board, it would essentially have to be Clemson, who moved into a tie for 25th with Dallas Baptist following a sweep of Boston College. The Tigers have looked great on the weekends, but not-so-great during the week. East Tennessee State got 'em on Feb. 25 and Charleston blew Clemson out last week.

Do what you will with that information. We'd hazard to guess that Presbyterian College probably isn't exactly licking its chops ahead of Tuesday's game.

Biggest Fall: Michigan finally, mercifully falls out of the Top 25 — and, yet, it's still not unanimous, as Perfect Game kept the 8-7 Wolverines in at No. 21.

Biggest Discrepancy: Skip Johnson must've turned down an interview request from Collegiate Baseball or something. Oklahoma is ranked as high as No. 9 (PG and BA) and no lower than No. 13 (D1) anyplace other than CB, which didn't budge on ranking the Sooners 28th for the second consecutive week.

In very related news, Oklahoma took 2-of-3 from CB No. 23 Virginia, beat CB No. 15 Arkansas, No. 19 LSU and Dallas Baptist over a span of five days, and just won series against a San Diego State team that counts victories over Long Beach State, Oregon State (2), Iowa, Cal State Fullerton and Coastal Carolina.