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Joliet Slammers Baseball: What To Know

Joliet Slammers Baseball: What To Know

Founded in 2010, the Joliet Slammers began their 13th season in the Frontier League in 2023.

Jul 7, 2023 by Kyle Kensing
Joliet Slammers Baseball: What To Know

A club with a unique name and mascot, and plenty of success in a short time, the Joliet Slammers proudly represent Illinois in the Frontier League. In 13 years of existence, the Slammers have claimed Frontier League titles, produced some outstanding alumni, and established themselves as fixtures of the Frontier. 

Get to know more about the organization with the following primer.

Team Overview 

The 2023 season marks the 13th campaign in the Joliet Slammers' history — a history that, while brief, is packed with intrigue. 

The organization spawned as a result of movement around various leagues. The departure of four teams from the Northern League to the American Association, and then the merger of other Northern League teams with the Golden Baseball and United Leagues, left some question marks about the place of Joliet in professional baseball. 

A franchise that came to be known as the Slammers was born in a matter of weeks, and didn't need much time at all to make an impression. 

What year were the Joliet Slammers founded? 

In 2010, the Northern League's Joliet JackHammers pursued membership in the Frontier League. Amid financial uncertainties and questions about the JackHammers' stability, however, prospects of a different club based in Joliet came to light in November of that year. 

The result was the launch of the Joliet Slammers. Confirmed as the 13th member of the Frontier League on Dec. 1, 2010, the new organization was off to a whirlwind start that carried over onto the field after the sudden rise of the club from concept to reality. 

Who owns the Joliet Slammers?

For almost the entirety of the Slammers history, Joliet Community Baseball & Entertainment, LLC has owned the organization. The entity took over in 2012 and remains the ownership group in 2023. 

What is the history of the Joliet Slammers team name and mascot?

The headline of the Jan. 13, 2011 edition of the Chicago Tribune announcing the name of Joliet's new baseball club read, "The verdict is in: Joliet Slammers." 

Credit the clever copy editor who came up with the headline that paid homage to the Slammers' moniker. The nickname — an "obvious double-entendre" was "a perfect fit for the team" per general manager John Dittrich. 

The dual-meaning comes from hitting the ball, and a reference to the defunct Joliet prison. 

Have the Joliet Slammers ever won a Frontier League championship?

Less than a calendar year after the club came into existence, it claimed the first of two Frontier League championships. 

The 2011 Joliet Slammers took first place in the Frontier League East Division. They ten swept their divisional series with the Lake Erie Crushers before beating the River City Rascals in the Frontier League Championship round. 

Joliet returned to the playoffs in 2016, but it wasn't until 2018 that the Slammers returned to the championship series. 

In 2018, after beating the River City Rascals in the divisional series, the Slammers went the distance in the finale against the Washington Wild Things before claiming their second Frontier League championship. 

Where do the Joliet Slammers play?

Duly Health and Care Field, opened in June 2002, has been the Joliet Slammers' home ballpark throughout the club's history. 

The former Silver Cross Field was also known as Joliet Route 66 Stadium in its lifetime, per the Daily Herald.  

Joliet Slammers Notable Alumni

Kaleb Ort, a current Boston Red Sox reliever, made his professional debut in 2016 as a member of the Slammers. The right-hander struck out 61 in 12 starts during the 2016 campaign, a promising sign despite his 6.05 ERA. 

Ort was briefly back with the Slammers in 2017. Four years later, he made his first appearance with the Red Sox. He's pitched in 47 games for Boston as of July 6, 2023.  

Joliet Slammers Schedule

Check out the Joliet Slammers schedule here.

How To Watch The Joliet Slammers

Atlantic, Frontier, Pioneer and the Coastal Summer Plain League, as well as the Florida Collegiate Summer League, are all streaming on FloBaseball and the FloSports app. Replays, highlights and more news can be found on the site.